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Indie spirt—discerning shoppers will find a mix of clothing, accessories, art, and home goods in this charming South Austin boutique.

At the root of any retail experience is an unspoken, primal instinct to hunt and gather for sustenance. For many of us, objects of beauty have a functional and sustaining purpose, and the hunt for aesthetically-nourishing effects is taken quite seriously. Sunroom does well to satisfy these aesthetic urges. The hunt, ladies and gentlemen, is over.
Walking into Sunroom feels more like stumbling upon a museum filled with beautiful stories than simply embarking on a shopping experience. Appropriately named, the petite, sun-drenched South Austin boutique is packed with a distinctly eclectic, impeccably-curated collection of artisan jewelry, textiles, men’s and women’s clothing, furniture, and home goods. Carefully edited vintage pieces and high-end handmade wares are shelved shoulder to shoulder without pretension, and every item has a rich backstory of masterful craftsmanship and ethical sourcing practices.
Proudly poised at the helm of one of Austin’s newest boutiques is owner and design enthusiast Lucy Jolis. With a seemingly endless appreciation for stylistic details and the history of well-designed objects, Jolis warmly serves up compelling narratives for every item Sunroom offers. “I love telling people about who made each and every thing,” she admits. “I think there are a lot of people here who really care about craftsmanship and supporting artists.” A recent NYC transplant, Jolis celebrates two years in Texas this October, and takes the task of bringing unique designs to Austin very seriously. “I’m not buying things that are factory-made or mass-produced,” she explains, regarding Sunroom’s shelves and its online shop. “I’ve never been to market to buy anything. I find designers, and I reach out to them personally.”
The result of this remarkably selective process is an inspiring assemblage of colorful, textured, and handsomely weathered wares from all over the world. Handmade dog collars from Argentina are cozied up next to handwoven blankets from Mexico. Gorgeously finished stumps, made from reclaimed wood in Bastrop, Texas, are nestled under another display. Turkish bath towels, dresses designed in Ibiza, and shorts woven in Guatemala populate one corner of the space. Pieces from prestigious jewelry lines All for the Mountain, from Venice Beach, and Suzannah Wainhouse, of NYC, are perched up front. Even Sunroom’s pink neon sign was fashioned by Evan Voyles, the maker of Hotel Saint Cecilia’s iconic poolside “Soul” sign.
“I want Sunroom to be an interesting and inspiring space,” Jolis explains. If it’s inspiration you seek, Sunroom surely will not disappoint.