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Friends of Sunroom: Becca and Stella Vie Peters

Get to know two more women in the inspiring SUNROOM community — the coolest mother/daughter duo in our world, Becca and Stella Vie Peters (PS: if Stella is looking familiar, it's because she's our newest model on! So fun when worlds can collide, and we were so excited for the chance to photograph Stella in some of our SUNROOM faves.)

Both Becca and Stella embody a deep, special kindness that is noticeable the moment you're around them...infectiously sweet, smart, and passionate. We were curious to learn more about these amazing women and discover some of their tips and tricks for traveling, living, and having fun. Read on to meet them!

I always start my day with…
Becca: self-inquiry and then setting an aspiration for the day. This may happen while still in bed, in formal meditation practice, or while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. I ask myself: How am I feeling and how can I best support myself today? Is there an attitude, behavior or mantra that can help me to be present, kind and compassionate to myself and others? 

Stella: A hot London Fog tea. It is a special ritual that I look forward to every morning. 

My favorite “happy places” in my city or neighborhood are…
BP: 1. Lotus Land in Montecito with then Lotus flowers are blooming. This private garden is pure magic! The garden is the residence of the late Madame Ganna Walska, a polish opera singer and lover of life in all forms. 

2. It’s hard to beat packing a picnic lunch procured from the deli at Pierre Lafond to include a chopped salad and a fresh papaya and taking in the sun at Butterfly Beach at low tide. The intimacy and warmth of the beach makes this my favorite place to exhale.

3. Merci Montecito. There is a fabulous new spot in the Montecito Country Mart for breakfast, lunch, wine, pastries and the BEST matcha latté in Montecito...From pristine Mud ceramics to stunning bottles of rosé I often leave with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a new beautiful vase in hand. You MUST stop in!

4. A few miles south of Montecito is a charming town called Summerland. It is here where you will find the Sacred Space which is brimming with Buddhist statues, Tibetan altars, crystals and hot tea and an outdoor garden for meditation or strolling. You truly enter another world when you step into the doors. We often go to browse and enjoy the waterfalls in the garden.

5. Rounding out my list of favorite places nearby is Meditation Mount in Ojai. Ojai means “Moon” in the Chumash tradition and the resilient community has so much to offer through nature and the goodness of the community. Meditation Mount’s mission "is to promote the building of an enlightened and compassionate world through the power of creative meditation, inspirational educational programs, and community-based events.”

SVP: 1. I love to be underwater in the cold ocean right as a big wave washes over the surface, preferably in a Sunroom suit! It’s incredibly refreshing and when coming from Utah, after months sans Pacific Ocean, there is no better feeling in the world.

2. Rincon Point is the sweetest spot. I love to surf the smaller waves and watch the pro surfers on bigger days. It’s a great beach to walk on, especially cozied up in a sweater during June Gloom, or to sunbathe in the heat. 

3. My family and I have driven the winding road to magical Ojai countless times since I was little. The hikes are stunning and feature blooming wildflowers everywhere. After hiking, the evening light known as the “Pink Moment” covers the Topa Topa mountain range and is absolutely breathtaking. if you go to Ojai, Hip Vegan is hands-down the best restaurant on the whole planet. They have delicious spring rolls and home-brewed chai. 

Three words I would use to describe my style are…
BP: Easy, confident, and luxurious
SVP: Beachy, monochromatic, and relaxed.

The clothing item/jewelry piece/accessory/etc I own from Sunroom that is my all-time, go-to favorite is…
BP: THIS IS SOOO HARD!!!! I love my Lauren Manoogian cardigan and I wear it in all seasons. Tying for first place are all of my pieces from KES... so dreamy and luxurious. 

SVP: My go-to Sunroom piece is my white cotton wrap skirt. It’s so cute with a cropped black tank top and leather sandals and I feel like a total badass when I wear it. 

What are a few songs you’re loving right now (or maybe your all-time favorite dance / karaoke jams…)
BP: Now: Charlie Puth LA GIRLS + All Time Favorite: Patti LaBelle “Got to be Real”

SVP: “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (Charlie Puth + Selena Gomez), basically anything by Ed Sheeran, but specifically Don’t and Nancy Mulligan, Electric Feel (MGMT), and Heavy, California (Jungle).

A few things I’ll never travel without are…
BP: A killer bathing suit, a cashmere wrap/scarf regardless of the season, a crisp white button down shirt, a fave pair of Moussy jeans from Sunroom, Celine sunglasses, and a KES silk dress that goes effortlessly from day to night. I have to sneak in my favorite travel accessory, the "ANYA HINDMARCH In-Flight" case which holds, among other things, Aesop hand sanitizer, Alkimme rose facial oil and mist, Henné lip balm, Carnal Flower fragrance by Frederic Malle, an extra phone charger, and always extra contacts!!

SVP: my silk pillow cover, my Hourglass “Unreal, Sublime” vegan lipgloss, a black bodysuit, a cute bikini, and a good book.

Something that’s inspiring me right now…
BP: I am deeply interested in bringing Mindfulness and Meditation to the prison population and I am currently completing training in this area. As a psychotherapist, I currently teach Compassion Cultivation for Stanford University, Mindfulness for UCLA and Mindful Self-Compassion for the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. I am inspired to offer these practices to incarcerated men and women as a way to be of service and to cultivate greater peace and joy in the world, no one excluded.

SVP: Right now, I’m currently publishing a social justice publication called Folding Chair Magazine. It has been so inspiring to hear and bring to life the stories of so many incredible activists and change makers. I’ve had the privilege to work with people of all ages and backgrounds, each with unique journeys that readers will be enthralled with. It’s been eye opening to see how willing people are to make change and build a web of interconnectedness if you simply engage with them from a place of genuine curiosity. Look out for details about the inaugural publication on our website