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Friends of Sunroom: Elizabeth Canon


Meet Elizabeth Canon, an LA-based advisor to women entrepreneurs and all-around inspiration — take a deep dive into her world as she answers our Sunroom questionnaire this week. 

I always start my day with…

There are really only a few things that happen every morning without fail: I cherish waking up in the darkness, before my son. I turn on the espresso machine, grind the beans (which always threatens to wake everyone up), and have my coffee on the terrace looking out at the beach. I light a morning candle, which always feels like a sacred act. Sometimes I read or journal or meditate, or pull an animal card. Sometimes there's no time for that before the tornado that is my life takes over and I'm launched into my day. The pieces of my morning ritual that went undone are things I like to come back to throughout the day as ways to re-center myself.


My 5 “happy places” in my city are…

My terrace

SoHo House Malibu: The feeling of a home-away-from-home vibe while the ocean crashes in front of you is soothing to my soul

Sqirl: it seriously is everything I want to eat, especially the sorrel pesto rice!

The ocean: Literally any ocean will do. I love being near (and in) the water. 

My bed cuddling with my family 


How do you describe your style in three words?

Sunroom. Sunroom. Sunroom! I'm not even kidding. I discovered the Austin store when I was still a New Yorker, and would order online. Now that there's a store in Malibu, it's even more fun. There is literally not another store whose style I feel gets me and where I'm this excited to shop.


The clothing item/jewelry piece/accessory/etc I own from Sunroom that is my all-time, go-to favorite is ______

I have a Loren Stewart ear cuff I have worn every day for years, which is special because it's become like second skin, and I appreciate anything that feels fun and stylish that I don't have to think about.

And then there is the Dodo Bar Or jacket that is so funky I get compliments from old lady art teachers and my coolest friends. 


What are a few songs you’re loving right now?

I can't get enough of Lizzo. Her song, ‘Let 'em Say’ is so fun. I've also been listening to throwback Janet Jackson all day. I forgot how awesome Escapade is.


Travel destination I always re-visit (or suggest to my friends)

This is a new one, since I've only been once, but I plan on returning to Puglia. Italy is a place that is so dear to my heart. I love it so much because it resonates with many of my values, fresh quality food from farmers, beauty in clothes, architecture and nature, family togetherness, and being slowwwww. The land in Puglia, in particular, felt magical. Some of the olive trees are 2,000 years old! One of my favorite things was the meal I had at Il Frantoio, a masseria that serves a 7-course dinner of traditional Pugliese food that was nourishing to my soul. At the end, they parade out the small army of Italian mamas who were in the kitchen cooking our food. It was so yummy and special.


Five things I’ll never travel without:

Cozy socks, a good book, a cashmere wrap, a journal, de Mamiel face oil.


Something that’s inspiring me right now is:

Reading anything Mark Nepo