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May Favorites: Huide's Picks

For me, getting dressed is entirely driven by the way I'm feeling on any given day and it's also my favorite form of self expression. I would love to encourage people to think about getting dressed as an expression rather than an obligation. 

My earliest memory surrounding clothes was from when I was around 4. All I really wanted for my birthday was a specific, short-sleeved green knit shirt with white buttons on the shoulder. It was nothing special really, but I loved the way the color and those buttons made me feel. 

 Getting dressed should be a fun, nonverbal way of giving someone an idea about what inspires are a few picks for what's inspiring me right now from our SUNROOM edit.  

— Huide Devore, SUNROOM Art Director, Austin General Manager

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Airi Gypsy Dress by ANAAK

The color of this dress is so special and fresh in person. I'd wear this during the day with a great pair of K. Jacques sandals or with a fun PVC heel for a summer cocktail or even as a wedding guest. 

This Sunbody hat is one of my most favorite things in my wardrobe. I removed the leather band it came with and made it feel more like my own by wrapping a bandana around it. (The hat isn't available online so come by SUNROOM Malibu or Austin to pick one up!)

SUNBODY hat (call us to inquire)
ANAAK Gypsy Dress
K. Jacques Zenobie Sandals
Layered necklaces by CVC Stones

Rachel Comey Glitch Jumpsuit, Worn 2 Ways

If I am investing in a nice piece, I like to visualize how I can extend its life and wear it for multiple occasions. I would wear this jumpsuit during the day work with our cool satin mule in my favorite color, green. 

I love a jumpsuit because you can very easily change the look of it by pushing it down and wrapping the sleeves around your waist. I'd bring a simple bodysuit or tank and a heel to change into to after work to meet friends for drinks. Wrapping the sleeves around the waist gives the illusion of an amazing paper bag pant. I find it fun, flattering on most shapes, and unexpected.

Rachel Comey Glitch Jumpsuit
(top): Green Satin Mules by Le Monde Beryl
​(bottom): Nina Bodysuit by NSF
Alexandra T-Strap Sandals by No.6
Layered necklaces by CVC Stones

Denim with anything!

Anyone who knows SUNROOM owner Lucy, knows that she loves a good Canadian tuxedo: Lucy is the master of the denim uniform. 

I'm showing it here with a few Sunroom faves by Chimala. I love that this look is made up of shapes typically seen as stand-alone pieces. I love it for it's tomboy style paired with some fun, feminine accessories.

Chimala Selvedge Denim Jeans
Chimala Work Chore Coat
De Palma Tassel Belt
K. Jacques Ganges Sandals

Down to Earth

I'm a fan of feminine and masculine things being paired tighter.  I love this summer dress by Rhode (only available in-store: call us to order) because it's versatile and feminine worn with or without the belt and paired with either a sandal or a heel.

This is the perfect look for an outdoor brunch for the girl who gets cold and hates to carry a bag (the jacket has the best front patch pockets!!) 

Rhode Resort sundress (call us to order)
Chimala Selvedge Denim Jeans
K. Jacques Ganges Sandals
Layered necklaces by CVC Stones

The polish of (two favorite) matching sets

I love a set! Matching sets are great because if you really love the pieces on their own you can separate them and wear the pieces with other things in your closet — extending the life of what they can do for your wardrobe.

I'd wear the top of the Caron Callahan set unbelted with a little short in the summer as a tunic and the pant with my favorite Police concert tee. The idea is that we don't get stuck in wearing the pieces of the set only with their matching partner.

(top): Caron Callahan Kalloni Set
K. Jacques Ganges Sandals
Layered necklaces by CVC Stones
Layered Dezso bracelets
(bottom): Beatrice Valenzuela Silk Riding Skirt
Guajira Blouse in the Opuntia print