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Our semi-regular round-up of the things that are making us happy right now. 

Above, clockwise from top left:

- A reminder that we're still, always, in bloom. Magnolias from @hattiemolloy

Metallic moments from this swimsuit that we can't wait to wear soon
- Intentional escapism brought to you by Mue Studios' "Somewhere Else" series. 

Above, clockwise from top left: 

- Intrigued by the material experiments happening at @materialdesigners — above by Fanny González, offering protective packaging much like styrofoam (or polystyrene foam) without the harmful side effects. 
Sight Unseen's downloadable wallpaper (for desktop and iPhone) is bringing us simple pleasure these days...

- Pops of color in the form of this watermelon-hued new Daisy Blouse

Above, clockwise from top left:

- Insanely gorgeous cakes from Diane Chang's @eatingpops are blowing our MINDS.

- For all that's still unsaid, sending cards to faraway friends is this year's love language. 

Tiny, precious, special things...daydreaming about this beautiful Eternity Band with Champagne Diamonds from Anna Sheffield.

- Does it get any cooler than 99 year old park ranger Betty Reid Soskin? No, don't think so! 

- Obsessed with the desert gradient, shot through the lens of photographer @connikoscina

Above, clockwise from top left:

- Discovering the raw vinegars in unusual flavors from Brooklyn's Tart vinegar. We like adding a splash of the lavender vinegar to Topo Chico for a kind of DIY kombucha

Our favorite spring Emme Parsons sandals are starting to creep into rotation again (yes!!)

- Happily getting lost in Ken Miller's artwork (would love this on our walls...)