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Sunroom Q+A: 13BC

Step into the world of 13BC, the newest collection in the Sunroom family — with intricately enameled bags & minaudières in one-of-a-kind prints, all the vision of designer Cherine Magrabi Tayeb. Each stunning bag is handmade in Italy with highly limited edition designs inspired by travel and art, all brought to life through incredibly detailed handiwork that integrates fine jewelry making techniques and nods to the history of bespoke craftmanship.

To learn a bit more about the inspiration and approach, we chatted with founder Cherine Magrabi Tayeb — scroll on to read!

You come from an academic art & design background — can you share a bit more about your journey?

I ventured into the creative world very early on, stemming from an innate passion for all things design. As an art collector, I travel the world to select pieces to compliment my personal collections.

Over the past 10 years, I have been dedicated to nurture my passion for design across numerous realms, connecting the dots within the ecosystem. Part of the process is that of creative expression, which came with the founding of 13BC. To me, it was a natural step, as it fuses design and artisanal work, in each of the exclusive collections.

Where does your design process start? Can you share a bit more about how each bag comes together?
I launched 13BC in 2018, translating my passion for design and fashion into unique collectible pieces. My creative process begins with drawing inspiration from a piece of art, worldly cultures, local crafts, or when traveling.

From this point of inspiration, I collaborate with some of the finest artisans and jewelers around the world, to create collections of exquisitely handcrafted enameled minaudières.

Every 13BC collection features unique designs that are consciously hand-made in Italy by expert craftspeople. The brand’s aim is to pay tribute and preserve ancient arts and techniques of artistic enameling, and Italy is abundant with local crafts, passed down through generations.

The brand is described as an ode to the art of enameling — can you share more about the detail and intricacy that goes into each one?
The art of enameling began in the 13th Century BC — based on a sense of timelessness and collectability, and made with the finest techniques and materials. We use intricate jewelry making techniques as well, and each of the pieces are handmade.

The number 13 draws inspiration from the name, but also preserves the
exclusivity of the pieces.  

What inspires your designs?
Sources of inspiration are boundless. Every time I travel, I am keen to explore the
intricacies of cultures and crafts native to that country or region. The same goes for art, being an avid collector, and the works of renowned designers and artists inspired the most recent collection, woven into the unique minaudières and pouches.

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