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Sunroom Q+A: Brent Neale

We're over the moon excited to introduce you to our newest jewelry obsession — Brent Neale. Based in NYC, it's the namesake line of designer Brent Neale Winston, an FIT alum whose love of jewelry began when her mother would bring her to gem shows as a child.

With deep roots studying and working under jewelry and design legends, Winston's fine line of jewelry strikes the balance of everything we're always looking for: utterly beautiful design, attention to detail, craft...and designs that are completely special, unexpected, and FUN. From pastel, gem-encrusted mushroom charms to whimsical Alice and Wonderland-esque oversized floral pendants...these are the pieces you'll get asked about over and over. Chic, just exuberant enough, and the one-of-a-kind relics you look forward to wearing.

To learn more about the woman behind the line — read on!

Mushrooms are a recurring motif in your pieces. What is your relationship with them and what do they represent for you? 
Mushrooms we a part of one of my first collections called “Down the Rabbit Hole” that was inspired by Alice and Wonderland, a book I loved a child. To me, they represent the belief children have that anything can happen, or anything can be, including life-sized mushrooms. It’s something you lose as you grow older and it’s something I wanted to remember. 
Your brand bridges a gap between luxury and playful jewelry. Why is it important to you that your pieces hold a sense of play and spontaneity?
The jewelry world is often so serious and while I understand it because we work with serious price points and materials,  I love to inject a little humor and lightness into things — I think it’s more fun that way! 

Do you see your pieces as imbued with a story or fantasy? And if so, what is it?
 Every collection I design has a story and fantasy behind them. Each collection is so different, but I find inspiration from art, books and music, all of which do the same thing.
Describe the feeling you want people to experience when wearing your adornments.
I want them to look at them and feel happy…boost their mood, boost their confidence, or perhaps remind them of something that does both of those things.
What brought you to making jewelry and how has your vision for your brand evolved since then?
I started designing for other brands before designing for myself. Designing for myself has been tougher in a way because I’m my own harshest critic. As the world around me changes, my vision for what I want to achieve changes daily. 

+ Quick Fire!
What are some small things you're doing right now to take care of yourself?
I’m trying to get outside and walk every morning. I’ve also been trying to leave work earlier and spend more time with my family. 
My creative/design ethos in three words: Fun, colorful, easy 
I always start my day with: Coffee and eggs 
Secret talent: Backgammon 

Song or musician I’m loving right now: Anything '60s or '70s or rap (specifically ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals)
The thing I find myself recommending over and over again (maybe a purchase, or a recipe, or just a personal life hack or practice you get asked about often) 
Oh, good question! I can’t stop talking about this pickle snack called Oh Snap Pickles and if you like pickles, you must give them a try.
My ultimate escape – real or imagined: Lyford Cay

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