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Sunroom Q+A: Joy Smith of COMMUNION By Joy

"Sacred art enchanted by love" describes COMMUNION By Joy, whose fine jewelry collection is symbolically imbued and always created with intention. Each piece is the perfect balance of strength and feminine elegance, both a timeless classic and a statement-making heirloom. We were thrilled to be able to sit down with Joy to learn more about her new jewelry at Sunroom, her life in Hawaii, and how she discovers beauty in imperfection.

What inspires the organic aesthetic and approach to COMMUNION by Joy's designs?

I see my pieces as humanity, not perfect but full of beauty and love in our own unique ways. I love imperfections's real.

What does "communion" represent for you?

It is the intimate conversations of love and beauty between spirit and I which I share with the world.

You emphasize the spiritual experience of lost-wax carving. Can you share more about this process and how it informs your connection to jewelry making?

I feel the process of wax carving is a mediation and channel for me to express the spirit of light and joy!

What have been some unexpected places for inspiration of late?

Living in Hawaii I see many rainbows coupled with the vibrant colors of the island. 

Tell us about your own history as a jeweler. How did you find yourself at the bench & what attracted you to jewelry making?

I have always seen myself as an artist. I started off taking art classes, painting, drawing and dabbled in jewelry making. It all happened very organically, I see making jewelry as another way to express my creativity.

+ Quick Fire!

What are some small things you're doing right now to take care of yourself (mentally, physically, and/or emotionally)? Swimming in the ocean and listening to my favorite songs.

My creative/design ethos in three words: Enchanted, Miracles, Love

I always start my day with: Prayer

Secret talent: Making people feel comfortable

Song or musician I’m loving right now: Joni Mitchell - Album: Blue

The thing I find myself recommending over and over again (maybe a purchase, or a recipe, or just a personal life hack or practice you get asked about often): Create something

My ultimate escape – real or imagined: I luckily live in my ultimate place: Hawaii

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