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Sisters Necklace

  • Sisters Necklace from Darius
  • Hand-carved links featuring ancient Egyptian imagery 
  • 16" total length
  • 18k yellow gold 
  • Handmade box clasp 
  • Made in Los Angeles
"The symbols and imagery are thousands of years old. So much information has been lost from the ancient world, and we're fascinated by the rare surviving fragments - symbols whose meaning has been obscured or hidden by the passage of time. The Sisters piece is an example of imagery taken from these fragments. It was the very first motif piece in our debut collection. The figures are taken from an Akkadian Cylinder Seal c. 2220-2159 BCE, re-drawn as feminine figures from their original form. They carry the symbols of the Moon, Sun, Fish, and Vessel, overflowing with water - manifestations of feminine archetypal imagery." - Daryā Khonsary