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Chalcedony & Amethyst Magic Mushroom Necklace

  • Large Magic Mushroom necklace from Brent Neale
  • Hand carved chalcedony mushroom cap with an amethyst stem
  • Set in an 18k gold mushroom frame
  • Pastel sapphires decorate the cap of the mushroom
  • Pendant = 4cm x 3cm
  • 18" 18k gold chain
  • All 18k Yellow Gold
  • A true work of art - made by hand in NYC

"Mushrooms were in one of my first collections called “Down the Rabbit Hole” that was Inspired by Alice and Wonderland, a book I loved a child. To me, they represent the belief children have that anything can happen, or anything can be, including life-sized mushrooms. It’s something you lose as you grow older and it’s something I wanted to remember."

- Brent Neale on her Magic Mushroom Necklaces