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We’re gonna be alright. During these tough times, we’re aiming to keep our spirits high and our community close. If there is one lesson we’ve learned through this, it’s the reminder of what it is we value most — connection, creativity, inspiration, laughter, beauty and art.

In an effort to infuse a little extra light into your day, our team has gathered a list of what's sparking our interest — the things that have been grounding, distracting, entertaining, inspiring or just simply make us feel good. Next up, Huide — Austin store manager and art director!

Something I watched and loved (film/show/video): Dries, a film documenting one of my favorite designers Dries Van Noten on Netflix. I find it inspiring and beautiful in so many ways. His process, his home and the dynamic of his relationship are all lovely to watch and make me feel good.

Something that is making me LAUGH: Basically anything on the @daquan instagram feed.

A couple photos that are reminding me of the power of beauty right now: Part of my work at Sunroom requires me to look at imagery every single day. It is the task I love the very most. It inspires me to think about things from a broader perspective outside of myself, excites me, makes me laugh and makes me FEEL in general. I love imagery that inspires thought, is informational or is just plain pretty to study. I love artwork, real people doing extraordinary things, architecture, anything highlighting the ocean or fashion photography that feels a little weird. 

The image above is my phone background.

These images of the "Haenyeo/Korean female divers" were some of my favorite images of the last year. Their work is rare and they all look cool with zero intention. 

The other local and independent businesses I’m supporting right now: LoLo, a new wine bar and retail shop in Austin. They specialize in natural wine. Lately, I love any chilled red wine. They really know their stuff and will help choose things over the phone and bring it right out to your car (or bicycle!).

A quote or a mantra for right now: Every single thing is temporary.

A fun way to keep moving / exercise / wellbeing-related: Long bike rides and playing ping pong.

A song I play when I want to feel good: “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire

What I’ve been cooking: I don’t cook as regularly as I’d like to but I've recently baked some salmon with a soy, ginger and capers. I always love this dish and and is pretty foolproof.

What I’ve been wearing this week: Moussy or Chimala denim, cozy tee's and sweaters. Next week the temperature rises to 90 degrees, so this will be an entirely different discussion.

A small thing that’s bringing me joy: Riding my bike around the city and near the water in Austin. 

What I’m reallyyyyyy excited to wear and where I’m going to wear it: Fun prints by Warm, our new Chimala denim and my new Alix of Bohemia suit (in my most favorite color palette) that I’m planning to wear to my best friends wedding this summer.