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Friends of Sunroom: Jen Davis

Call us biased but we're pretty sure we have the best community of friends out there. We're excited to debut a new Sunroom Journal series this week — featuring some of the amazing people in our Sunroom world who inspire us regularly. 

1. Name / Location / Profession
Jen Davis. Glassell Park, Los Angeles. Psychotherapist.

2. I always start my day with:
A kiss. Coffee. 10 things I'm grateful for. And then an exploration of
all the ways I can avoid meditating!

3. My top 5 “happy places” in my city or neighborhood:
- The rose garden at Huntington Gardens. I'm happy anywhere there are
- I can spend hours at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena.
- Sacred Light in Los Feliz. I go there when I am feeling particularly
stressed; it calms me down, and they have gorgeous crystal bracelets.
They also have great sound baths at least once a week!!!
- Pilates of Pasadena with Heather Andrews.
- Jewish Counsel Women's Thrift Westwood.

4. How do you describe your style in three words?
I'm too embarrassed to answer this, so I made my friend Summer answer it.
"Only three words? That's a toughy. I'd say coastal, romanic, classic. But also vibrant, historical, chic. Free-spirited, bohemian, intuitive."

5. A few people whose style I love are...
Lauren Hutton!!! Any 90's Supermodel. Keanu Reeves in Point Break.

6. The clothing item/jewelry piece/accessory/etc I own from Sunroom
that is my all-time, go-to favorite is ...
I'm wearing a DoDo Bar Or dress from Sunroom right now!!! I think my
most special Sunroom purchase is a stunning pink Yuliya Magdych dress.
Also my pale pink Anaak dress!

7. Your all-time favorite dance / karaoke jam?
I still can't get over "Halo" by Beyonce.

8. Travel destination I always re-visit?
Lumeria Maui!!!!! I have a Maui addiction. Ho'omana Spa!! Maui Singing
Bowl!! The sound bath at the Makawao Union Church!!
Also I love going home to The Hudson Valley whenever I get the chance.
To me, it's the most beautiful place in the world!!!

9. Five things I’ll never travel without:
A Natalie Martin Fiore dress. My angel cards (very embarrassing, but
true.) A piece of jewelry from either my grandmother or my mom. Books
or my Kindle. My journal.

10. Something that’s inspiring me right now is:
Self Compassion. Taking myself less seriously. Being kind. My girlfriends, Always.