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Necklace Layering 101

While we embrace a "more is more" philosophy when it comes to our daily jewelry (we want to wear all our favorites, all the time!), the art of the necklace layering is a study in balance.

Follow along to discover how we style our collection of Sunroom necklaces (or as some might say, our "neck mess") as a chic, curated ode to maximalism.

Anchor a necklace with a strong visual impact (a weighty stone, a colorful charm, or a statement-making material) with a more minimal chain or complimentary beaded strand. In general, we like having the most impactful necklace be on the longest chain.

CVC Stones Griggia Necklace
Objet-A's Blue Sapphire Valerie Necklace

We also suggest investing in a couple go-to chains that you can wear multiple ways, and at different lengths — a necessary tool in the necklace-layering toolkit.

Experiment with a unifying palette or type of metal (ie: rose gold, pops of black, Earth tones, punctuating diamonds...) to add a story to your styling.

Dezso Deco Shark Fin Chain
Dezso Classic Fin Locket
Dezso Smoky Quartz Coquito Charm
Communion by Joy Spirit Dove Medallion

Think about it like the grown-up version of your beloved childhood charm bracelet — layer multiple charms onto a single strand, each reflections of personal meaning, experiences, and places you treasure.

Dezso Malachite Charm with Beryl Bead
Dezso Smokey Quartz Coquito Charm
Dezso Blue Tiger Eye Cowrie Charm
Worn on the Dezso Deco Shark Fin Chain

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