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Sunroom Inspirations: Desert Neutrals

Of her vibrantly, abstracted renditions of mountain and desert-scapes, Etal Adnan has said “You don’t recognize what landscape it is, as it is not a particular landscape—it is maybe a memory of a particular landscape."

We're captivated by our own memories of the desert — hazy hues, textured and organic forms, a sense of expansiveness you can't quite find elsewhere.

In spirit, we've rounded up a mood board of desert neutrals, a memory of earth's weathered, resilient beauty...


Etel Adnan.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude looking for a possible site for The Mastaba for the United Arab Emirates.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park Via Lane Marinho.

Image by Cody Cobb. 

Photo by Emily Tartaglia.

Abiquiu, New Mexico by Emily Tartaglia.

Etel Adnan.

Form and photo by Emily Tartaglia.

Image source unknown.

Image source unknown.