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Sunroom Q+A: Amanda Huras

Many of you will recognize Amanda Huras as our OG Sunroom model ... but what you may not know about her is her deeply healing sound and energy work. We've been lucky enough to experience energy and sound baths under her guidance, each of which has been truly transformative! We're excited to share a conversation with Amanda to learn more about her work – and also to learn how, as an expecting mother,  she's adapted her life this season to prioritize tuning into herself mid-pregnancy. 

Can you share more about your background in sound/energy work — how did you come into this area of healing work?
It all started with the loss of someone near and dear to me. It definitely triggered a time of awakening, I was grieving and lost. I had been a model for over 20 years and although I still enjoyed certain aspects of it I felt very unfulfilled and purposeless.

I started my own healing journey through learning Reiki and discovered an amazing, supportive community and new tools to integrate into my life that have forever changed me. Through this work I accidentally came across Sound Healing and what a cool synchronicity that was. I met two new friends from LA that were doing Sound Baths — they asked me to lay down and experience one. I was blown away. Afterward, they asked me to do energy work on a guest while they played crystal bowls. I had never channeled energy like that; I realized sound had opened me up to be to be a clear conduit for healing energy to flow through myself and onto others.

Needless to say, the experience was so impactful and transformational…I knew I wanted to learn more. I came home from that trip so inspired and excited. I bought some Classic Frosted Bowls, and took a basic lesson on how to play them. I have been intuitively playing them ever since.

For someone who may be new to the idea of energy work, can you break down a bit more about how raising our frequencies can support our health and healing? 
To start: we are all essentially made up of energy. All living things have what we call a vibrational frequency. We are all human, and unique but ultimately we are all beings of light that are here to learn and grow on a soul level. When we purposely choose our reality we can influence our frequency. When we surround ourselves with experiences in our lives and people that are uplifting, loving and supportive we will naturally maintain a higher frequency then those of us that surround ourselves with drama, manipulation, and fear. For example, when we spend time in nature, have fun, meditate, eat healthy, work out and do other self loving practices we will maintain a higher frequency.

Energy and Sound healing are two ways we can work to raise our frequencies and release any blocks or density that we may be holding i.e. emotions, trauma, subconscious patterns, and programs. Energy and Sound healing modalities are profound because they work on us multi-dimensionally (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) to bring us back into balance and harmony.

What are some other ways you suggest tuning into our own connecting with our selves — perhaps practices we can do on our own?
Ultimately, you will want to find what works for you! Everyone is so different and what works for some may not resonate and work for others. For my husband it is working out: he gets into a meditative state and can singularly focus when he is running, biking, or swimming. He gets into a calm, centered place, where he gains so much clarity and flow. For me, I need to meditate, either with guided meditation, mantra or one of my favorites…can you guess? Sound ;-)

My suggestion is to try and see what works for you (and don’t be worried if it takes time and practice to get results).

Start with a simple practice of gratitude. Sit somewhere quietly on your own where you won’t be disturbed. Start breathing in and out of the heart center. Start flooding the heart with the energy of gratitude and appreciation by thinking of someone or something that you are so grateful for. Allow that energy to swell and expand in your heart and  throughout your body. Keep going until you really feel gratitude and continue to breathe it into the heart. As you exhale, allow that energy to move freely through your body and even past your body into that space we call the field of energy (auric field ) that wraps around you. Focus on this space now and bring that energy of gratitude into your field, continue to alternate between the heart and the field. What you are doing here is creating heart-brain coherence; this is awesome for raising frequency, connecting with yourself, and creating a deeper meditative state.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Switching gears slightly, you are also mid-pregnancy! Congratulations!! What have been some ways you’ve taken care of yourself and wellness practices you’ve incorporated during this season?
Yes, so crazy and exciting! I still can’t believe we are going to have a baby! Thank you.

I have definitely made a point to slow down in all things! Being pregnant is a very sacred and special time for a woman; I am doing my best to honor my body, my mind, and spirit through all the many changes I’ve been going through. The body is so amazing! I work a couple days a week at Miraval Resort and Spa doing my Sound healing classes and I can’t tell you how much I have needed them for my own wellbeing.

Movement for my body has been super important as well, so I have kept up with my regular Reformer Pilates classes at least 1-2 times a week, and I have added Prenatal Yoga classes for the awesome community and support it offers. I go for walks with my pups when it’s not blazing hot outside, take lots of naps, surround myself with loving friends, and go on date nights with my husband. Finally, I’ve been eating mostly a healthy, balanced diet, although carbs and sugar have been tough to avoid. Thank goodness for supplemental and homeopathic support from my naturopath, which definitely helps keep me in line.

Do you have any suggestions for how you’ve approached getting dressed amid your pregnancy? What types of garments you’ve found to be comfortable and easy to wear? Or how you’ve adapted pieces you already own?
It has all been about ease and comfort — now that it is getting even hotter outside and I am growing it’s even more about that. I love and wear all my Natalie Martin, Mirth, and Miranda Bennet dresses from Sunroom. They are so easy and fit my growing belly, so I will continue to rock them for as long as I can.

My K. Jacques slide in sandals have been my best friend as it is getting harder to bend down and mess with any ties…and forget about heels! Now more than ever I am happiest and feel most like myself when I wear natural, flowing, and easy styles. Sunroom has nailed that!