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Sunroom Q&A: HOWL Jewlery

Meet LA-based designer Tini Courtney, the mastermind behind HOWL, the newest jewelry collection in the Sunroom family—and a collection of modern relics inspired by ancient artifacts, designed with rare gemstones & intricate wax-carved detail.

Every single HOWL (aka = Handle Only With Love) piece is both bold and totally timeless...we couldn't be more excited for you to see, try on, and collect this incredible line. And read on to learn a bit more about the inspirations, process, and story behind the line with our Sunroom Q&A with Tini.

1. Your collection feels like it could belong to any time period: how do research and archival objects play a part in your inspiration and process? 

I don’t dwell on specific references when I am creating, I find that my creativity can flow more freely when I am present carving my waxes. I am definitely more drawn toward vintage jewelry rather than contemporary and I appreciate the timeless feel that a lot of the pieces carry. I try to hold that aesthetic through my designs.

2. The ornate detail in your work is so beautiful—can you share a bit more about the meticulous process in each piece and how they are crafted from wax carvings?

I spend many hours carving each wax, with lots of tiny files and carving tools. All of my pieces started from a hand carved wax that I personally create and I always know about halfway through the wax if it’s going to be a winner. Sometimes I’ll just start over before I even finish just to refresh the canvas. Once I have the wax finalized, we then cast the “master” and make a mold from that.

3. What are some of your favorite gemstones or materials to work with (or perhaps stones you've been recently gravitating toward)?

I’m always drawn toward rubies, they are absolutely stunning. I’ve been working on some pieces with bigger rubies which I’m excited about. Pearls are a new love for me, as I’m about to launch my pearl collection that I’ve been working on the past year. I didn’t realize how dynamic the pearl world is and it has been fascinating working with them.

4. Can you share more about some of the special pieces we're carrying at Sunroom?

Sunroom is the first store to carry any of the pearl pieces! The Rami pearl bracelet is definitely one of my favorite pieces in the whole collection and I’m very excited for you guys to have it. The Addai Link and Tube Link Chains are also pieces I don’t take off, they’re a perfect addition for your showcase. The unique mix of links are always intriguing for people who are into gold chains.

5. What are some current inspirations on your mood board—ideas or possibilities that haven't yet manifested in new pieces but are front of mind for you?

Now that I have a substantial collection of chains, I want to explore bedazzling them with different stones on the links — it will be a whole new world.

Rapid Fire!

I start my mornings with...
The biggest cup of coffee

A book I recommend to everyone:
Creating Cartier

A self-care practice I rely on for my wellbeing or to bring me back to myself:
a dip in the Pacific ocean

My favorite escape for a long weekend or staycation getaway:

Three things always in my bag are:

The songs or playlist I'm listening to on repeat:
Murder on the Dance Floor

My beverage of choice:
ice cold sparking water

Where I'm traveling this year...
Las Vegas

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