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Sunroom Q+A: Taller Marmo

 “Laid back and fabulous” is the MO of Milan-based Taller Marmo, and we couldn’t be more excited to be one of the first US shops to carry the line, whose ethos fuses Europe and Middle Eastern inspirations to create dresses that are so perfectly chic and completely unique. Discover more about the brand’s founders here in their take on the Sunroom Q+A (and click here to shop Taller Marmo at Sunroom)

Taller Marmo bridges two aesthetic worlds. Can you speak more to how and where European and Middle Eastern sensibilities meet? 
We were always obsessed with the old Hollywood glamour and the show business in Italy in the Sixties and Seventies and that for us meant fluid dresses, silks, relaxed kaftans, lots of lurex and unnecessary drama! When we lived in Dubai for three years, we found those elements present in the way that women dressed and we loved it so we merged those two kind of similar sensibilities.

How do you balance the design process as co-founders? 
Yago: Since the beginning it was very seamless. The idea could come from me or Riccardo and then we discussed it, we shape it until we achieve a final result.

Riccardo: We have a lot of fun during the design process, but we can be very serious when we discuss any detail regarding a particular piece. We could spend hours or days discussing about a textile, a silhouette or even a bow. We need to agree one-hundred percent if not we won't do it. 


What is the origin story behind the name "Taller Marmo?"
Yago: I am from Argentina and Riccardo is Italian, so we were looking for a name that brings together those two components. Taller in Spanish it means workshop or laboratory while Marmo it means marble in Italian.

Riccardo: We chose those two words because we wanted to indicate our love and curiosity of experimenting with rich quality materials. Since day one Taller Marmo was all about quality driven products and not hype. 

What part of the design process challenges you the most?
We love when things get very intuitive and it seem the most obvious thing ever. We are a brand that communicates a relax attitude towards life because we make clothes for the leisure time, the parties (we know that nobody goes to work in a fringed kaftan!) So the clothes must be designed in the easiest way possible. The most challenging part is when we have an idea that seems easy and we really want to make it happen and for whatever reason it doesn't feel right so we have to make a decision to discard it or to find the way to make it work and sometimes it takes more than one season.

+ quick fire!

My design ethos in three words: Relaxed, chic and fabulous.

I always start my day with: Espresso

Secret talent: Good cooks

Song I'm loving right now (or what’s your pump-up/dance jam?) Lana's del Rey new album

Travel destination I always re-visit (or suggest to my friends): Usually we don't return to the same places but there is a beautiful house in Matemwe, Zanzibar with the greatest sunrises and sunsets and we would love to visit again.

Five things I’ll never travel without: Passport, earphones, running shoes, sunscreen, perfume.

My mantra: One battle at a time.

I’m most happy when it is Friday!