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SUNROOM Q+A: Tatiana Van Lancker of VAN

We’re thrilled to welcome jewelry designer, Tatiana Van Lancker, the creator and founder of VAN, to the Sunroom family — from the moment we discovered Tatiana's line of bespoke, Italian-crafted charms and pendants, we've been obsessed with the way her insanely cool Robot line perfectly balances play with chic refinement; this is jewelry that's fun to wear, collect, and treasure. 

Her futurist modern treasures come to life by way of a small bespoke atelier in Arezzo, Tuscany, where each piece is handcrafted from 18k gold and precious stones. Studded with complimentary jeweled combinations – from fuchsia pink tourmaline to shimmering citrine – each "Robot" is a playfully archetypical exploration of material, essence, and form.

To coincide with her new collection, we invited Tatiana for a round of the Sunroom Q+A. 

What drew you to jewelry initially? What do you feel can be expressed uniquely through this medium?

Fine jewelry is closely linked to the expression of family. My love affair started at a very young age wearing jewelry pieces of my mother and grandmother.

What is the significance and origin story of the brand name, Van Robots? 

I love that Robots reflect both the past and the present. Van (from Van Lancker) reflects that family is central to my brand. I create many bespoke designs incorporating family birthstones and engravings – heirlooms for the future.

The playful, talismanic quality to each gemmed figure is refreshing! Can you speak more to your desire to blend the classical and contemporary in your designs?

In all my design work, whether it’s fine jewelry, interiors or my recent Murano lighting and glassware designs I love to juxtapose classical and contemporary in an unexpected manner. Design that starts a conversation.

Is there a piece of creative advice you rely on or return to often, as a designer?
Less is more. Design that makes you smile and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Favorite stone combinations, or recent pairings you’ve been exploring?
I’m working on a new collection with clashing iridescent stones - Paraiba tourmalines,  pink and orange sapphires, emeralds, mixed with diamonds and Australian opals.

Since we have end-of-summer travel on our minds: are there any special spots in Italy you recommend to visit (perhaps lesser known but still incredible secret gems?)

Our beloved country home is near Anghiari in Tuscany – the area is really an undiscovered gem.

Rapid Fire:

Song I'm playing right now on repeat (or artist/album): Our girls Leila and Lily (10 and 8) have taken over the music so it’s a lot of Ava Max, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles

When I need fresh inspiration, I go to...: Sleep. Some of my best ideas come in my dreams.

Best meal of recent memory? (Either dining out or prepared at home): Harry’s Bar in London will always be my favorite.

My top suggestion for well-being and taking care of myself: Our two dachshunds Sassi and Nella

Books on my nightstand: The Thursday Murder Club, Sorrow and Bliss, Traitor King

My ultimate travel escape: Sydney, AUS, where I grew up