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Sunroom Q+A: YV Delloye

We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome YV Delloye to Sunroom, a fine French jewelry collection we've long admired. Occupying the most prestigious houses of Place Vendôme, Yves Delloye was founded in Paris in 2017 by designer Claire Delloye Quenardell. At once stunningly bold and timelessly classic, each handcrafted piece is designed with responsibly sourced stones and recycled gold...collectibles made to wear and keep forever.

In celebration of welcoming the collection to Sunroom, we're excited to share a conversation with Claire on her interdisciplinary inspirations, biggest life lessons, and the savoir faire that guides her work. 

What does the idea of savoir-faire mean to you? 

Savoir-faire [or, the subtle confidence that comes from deeply honed expertise] is key, especially when considering the renowned history of jewelry in France. Our jewelry is what it is thanks to a dedication the highest level of quality and requirements for our fabrication. 

Modernism is inherent in your bold and geometric designs. You note Suzanne Belperron, Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier and Jean Desprès as designers influential to your line. Are there particular pieces/works that you consult or reference specifically?

I love the Eileen Gray villa in Côte d’Azur, which is both mysterious and a masterpiece of modernism. One of our rings is called "Villa Eileen" as a tribute to her.

With Le Corbusier, it’s mostly his buildings and architecture I'm inspired by. 

I also love the bijoux-glace from Jean Desprès as a reference for combining silver and glass.

And when I think about Belperron...even more than her work, I am impressed by her incredible modernity and the woman she was. 

You mention that tourmaline is your favorite stone - can you share more about why you love it or what makes it so special?

I’m fan of tourmaline because of its chemistry and shape—which allows it to be cut into designs I love, like emerald and baguette. Also tourmaline's range in color and intensity allows for continual surprise. 

Have you always had an interest in jewelry design? How did you know it was time to pursue it formally in 2017? 

I came from a family of jewelry lovers and have always had a sensibility for stones. When I quit my job as I design buyer I began designing rings—my friends and community were so encouraging and enthusiastic that I felt it was the right time to launch my own brand. 

When do you feel most creatively fulfilled?

When I create a new piece of jewelry or a new collection; or when I am buying stones that give me ideas and spark creativity. 

What part of the design process do you love the most? And what's the most challenging? 
I love the moment when the idea comes together — when the final shape of the jewel comes to my mind and [becomes translated] into a drawing. That's a very satisfying feeling. 

The most challenging part is in the creation of bespoke custom jewels — making sure I am creating exactly what my client desires. 

How does your personal style influence the ethos and aesthetic of YV.Delloye? 

In a single sentence: Less is more!

Quick Fire!

What are some small things you're doing right now to take care of yourself (mentally, physically, and/or emotionally)?
Regular massages. Taking a nap during the day, just for a few minutes. Drinking fewer sodas!

A mantra I live by: I’m free to be myself

The best creative advice I've received: 
Do not create to please others but to please yourself.

I always start my day by...
Cuddling my children


The thing I find myself recommending over and over again:
Slow down and enjoy the present moment.

My ultimate escape – real or imagined:
The Aeolian islands. Magic!

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