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Sunroom Travels: Hawaii with Melissa

Today we’re sharing a dispatch from a recent trip our Finance Director Melissa took to Hawaii — we’re just a little jealous of her adventures spent exploring the beauty of Kauai! 

Melissa writes:
“Hawaii. Kauai. I hope to return to this magical island of adventure and CHICKENS! For real, I saw my first chicken at the airport upon arrival and received my own personal alarm clock throughout the entire stay. Roosters, hens and baby chicks roam & live wild all over the island, free of predators.

No family trip of ours is complete without an insane trek of ropes, mud and a few curse words, but by-passing the danger sign was all worth it for the picturesque waterfall, complete with swimming and rainbows.

Food is always a big part of our family outings and oh how I miss the fresh seafood, shaved ice stands and delicious mango cocktails 'o plenty. Did I mention all the hours of sunshine, beach lounging and beautiful landscapes? That was fabulous as well. Counting down the days until I can go back…”