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SUNROOM Travels: Lauren Harwell Godfrey at the Tucson Gem Show

We're feeling the desert daze. Sunroom takes a trip to Tucson's annual Gem Show with one of our most beloved jewelry designers. 

Founder and designer, Lauren Harwell Godfrey often seeks inspiration from the natural elements, ancient textiles and ethnic patterns. Her collection features gemstones that are handpicked for healing energy, enhancing the wearer's experience. With her detail and intention, we knew there was no one better to guide us on this tour.

The journey begins at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, which is open to the public and within its 40 years of business, has acquired an impressive collection of crystals, fossils and minerals. With an eye out for opal, Lauren scores the jackpot! We can't wait to see how these color-flecked beauties and mini red fire opals translate in her designs. Before the next stop, Lauren takes a pause to set the tone for this adventure with a stone reading— because infusing a little extra magic into your day is never a bad idea!

Lauren originally started working with rough natural stones and crystals because she found them visually appealing, but over time has become more curious about the energy that they embody. Through witnessing the gravitational pull people tend to have towards one stone over another, she's developed a deep fascination for the ancient tradition of utilizing crystals and stones for various forms of healing.

With this intention in mind, while touring various trade shows, Lauren is reaching for what calls to her personally, beyond aesthetics alone. This time around—emeralds, spinel and diamonds.

"I love the idea of creating pieces that people can connect with not only visually, but energetically. This has been really fun to explore in fine jewelry—it turns out diamonds act as amplifiers of the stones around them!"

A trip to Tucson isn't complete without a salted margarita and a visit off campus to Desert Vintage — Lauren's top recommendation for where to find some amazing vintage clothes — a solid collection of diamonds in the rough, if you will.