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Sunroom Travels: Puerto Rico with Gabriella

Travel along with Gabriella Ainslie, our Director of Merchandise & Business Development, as she shares a dispatch from a recent trip to Puerto Rico... 
Puerto Rico! Isla de Encanto!
I just got home, and I'm already scheming on when I can get back...My fiancé is from San Juan, so we started the trip there spending time with his family and enjoying the city.
Old San Juan and Santurce were my favorite neighborhoods to spend time in, and I loved the new Puerto Rican design museum, MADMi, that just opened in Miramar.
From San Juan, we went "chinchorreando" (which is a Puerto Rican tradition of an extended road trip/pub crawl through small bars and restaurants) with a group of friends along a windy, unpaved, one lane road to Adjuntas for a night in the mountains. Another day we went on a day trip to the hot springs at Coamo.
There is so much to do on the big island, but for the last half of our trip we hopped on a teeny tiny place to Vieques, which I've wanted to visit for a long time. We checked in to the Hix Island House (I highly recommend it!), and spent five days exploring the island. Black sand beaches, wild horses roaming free, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, and the most virgin and pristine beaches I've ever seen. All that plus crazy fresh seafood! I don't think it gets much better than that...