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The Sunroom Q+A: Anna Sheffield

Get to know more about the woman behind one of our absolute favorite jewelry collections — Anna Sheffield. Anna's beautiful fine jewelry is a Sunroom staple, and we've followed and loved her work for years. We're also excited to team up with her on a trunkshow later this month in our Malibu location (scroll down for all the details!)

In what ways did your childhood in the Southwest influence your entry into jewelry?
I feel like both directly and indirectly, being brought up in the Southwest informed much of who I am as well as my love for adornment. I remember my mom and godmother wearing squash blossom necklaces, and even my dad in his silver and turquoise pieces. It's very much normal in New Mexico to wear jewelry every day, and to think of it as art, amulet, and personal representation.

How would you describe your approach to jewelry design?
I definitely take a sculptural approach as a result of my training. I think of things in a structural way (rings are like tiny bridges). And then, in my design process, I try to refine and distill ideas to their most simple, timeless elements.
Can you share more about your design process? And is there a particular moment in time, a practice, or a philosophy that informs your practice the most?
One of my highest aims is to have something for just about everyone in our collections. So I try to design for what I call archetypes– it's a bit like imagining you're making something special for all of the women you know, fictional and real, based on their personal style, preferences and values.

Can you tell us more about a time of recent inspiration?
I'm always inspired in the desert. Not in a way that directly correlates to design, but I like being in wide open spaces and that feeling, when I bring it back to my work, is a bit like "anything is possible."

Where and/or when are you most creatively fulfilled?
The moment all of the tiny details come into focus, and there is a true balance between the right and left brain part of my process. I am a very conceptual planner, so when the inspiration lines up with that, it feels amazing. I call it being in the flow.


- My design ethos in three words: Classic with a Twist

- I always start my day with: Tea, first thing!

- Secret talent: I went to circus school briefly and learned to hit targets with a bullwhip.

- Song I'm loving right now (or what’s your pump-up/dance jam?): I could listen to "Raspberry Jam" by Allah-Las on repeat.

- Travel destination I always re-visit (or suggest to my friends): Northern New Mexico, foremost. And next are the Greek Islands. To me the two places are almost synonymous- extreme natural beauty with a resonant, ancient vibe.

- Five things I’ll never travel without: All the Lotions (face, body, suntan etc), Binchotan charcoal (for filtering water), my tea and the potions I add to it, healthy snacks (I quite like the almond butter packets and an apple), and all the tech for listening to music/podcasts.

- My mantra:
Love is the law.

- I’m most happy when I'm: in the presence of so many friends, which usually means I'm having a dinner party.