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Behind the Scenes: Sunroom in NYC!

Earlier this month Lucy, Gabriella, and Aliza from the Sunroom team traveled to NYC to preview FW19 styles our designers have just released! We're excited to share a sneak peek here + words from Aliza on the best moments of the experience:

"There has always been an industrious spirit to New York that fuels me with drive. However, the light that Lucy and Gabriella brought to market added elements of genuine passion and inspiration- transcending the experience far beyond just a work trip. Watching them work intimately with designers, listening to them strategizing, and collaborating with them on the entire buying process, allowed me to gain a far better understanding of what Sunroom stands for and I am extremely grateful for the valuable time we all spent together."

Above, details from the studios of: Apiece Apart / Moussy / Cabana Trade Show / Natalie Martin Studio / Caron Callahan