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Designer Spotlight: KES

Today we're excited to shine a light on Sunroom designer KES  — a line founded by Lia Kes. Lia grew up in northern Israel as a native of Kibbutz Afikim — the surroundings of her childhood, with details of “orchards, plowed fields, and nature at its best,” continue to be a driving force in her inspiration and outlook.

Kes learned to sew when she was 12 years old, taught by women at the “matpera,” a local communal sewing workshop in her hometown. The garments created by the matpera outfitted everyone in the community — their work was grounded in a utilitarian, raw, down-to-earth integrity, which she vowed to uphold throughout her career.

After studying in Tel Aviv, she moved to New York City and launched a namesake collection — a blend of “her upbringing, the realities of her current life, and her vision for the future.” At Sunroom, we love how season after season Kes consistently marries an attention to detail with a dedication to timeless, high-quality materials. You’ll notice the expert craftsmanship and perfect draping in her simple pieces which transform a seemingly simple white linen button-up into so much more…

See more of the latest pieces from KES in our edit of the spring/summer collection here.