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We’re gonna be alright. During these in-between times, we’re aiming to keep our spirits high and our community close. If there is one lesson we’ve learned through this, it’s the reminder of what it is we value most — connection, creativity, inspiration, laughter, beauty and art.

In an effort to infuse a little extra light into your day, our team has gathered a list of what's sparking our interest — the things that have been grounding, distracting, entertaining, inspiring or just simply make us feel good. First up, Lucy!


Something I watched and loved (film/show/video): The "Makeup Mayhem" episode of Broken + Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

Something that is making me LAUGH: The lists of Twitter's best Work From Home or #WFH fails and quarantine memes (they're really not THAT funny, but they're still making me laugh...maybe I’m desperate?!) 

For example, this...

Also, some quotes from a recent WIRED article… "Humor is a last ditch comfort of a normal human brain." "People are being encouraged to be hypervigilant and stay six feet away from people, so they’re finding all these other ways to connect and communicate. Frankly, people need something warm and intangible to hold onto right now—they’ve been warned away from touching everything else"

A couple photos that are reminding me of the power of beauty right now:

Photos are from this article titled "Giants of the art world collaborate with prisoners for new exhibition”

The other local and independent businesses I’m supporting right now: We've been doing our part to support the economy by ordering from Tramonto (our favorite Italian restaurant) at least every other night.

A quote or a mantra for right now: Just keep moving.

A fun way to keep moving / exercise / wellbeing-related: I have FINALLY found time (made time) to bounce on my tiny trampoline.

A song I play when I want to feel good: “Smoke” Luke Levenson with Abbey Smith

What I’ve been cooking: Not a damn thing. I don’t cook, under any circumstances.

What I’ve been wearing this week: My jumpsuits have been on heavy rotation. Not only are they comfortable, but there is minimal decision-making required, allowing me to save my precious brain cells for what currently seems like an endless onslaught of difficult decisions.

A small thing that’s bringing me joy: Reading about DJ D-Nice's "Club Quarantine" dance party this past Saturday night which had a 'virtual' attendance of over 100k people partying together while staying safe at home. Also, Steve, our UPS man, waited for me to finish packing something up last week for the first time in almost three years! If that's not a silver lining.... 

What I’m reallyyyyyy excited to wear and where I’m going to wear it: My new Chimalas (to work and I cant wait!) and my Carmen Molina silk pants (also to work!)