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We’re gonna be alright. During these tough times, we’re aiming to keep our spirits high and our community close. If there is one lesson we’ve learned through this, it’s the reminder of what it is we value most — connection, creativity, inspiration, laughter, beauty and art.

In an effort to infuse a little extra light into your day, the Sunroom team has gathered a list of what's sparking our interest — the things that have been grounding, distracting, entertaining, inspiring or just simply make us feel good. Installment #2 is our Austin store manager Meg! 

Today's list is from Meg Wenk, our Store Manager in Austin:

Something I watched and loved (film/show/video): PAT and High Maintenance

Something that is making me LAUGH: Everything Matty Matheson 

A couple photos that are reminding me of the power of beauty right now: I've spent many hours looking at Ashe Leandro and Chan & Eayrs's accounts. UNREAL.

The other local and independent businesses I’m supporting right now: Hank's to-go

A fun way to keep moving / exercise / wellbeing-related: Long, long walks with the pup

A song I play when I want to feel good: Soulection Radio always!

What I’ve been cooking: Early Grey Yogurt Cake

What I’ve been wearing this week: Here's the uniform.


A small thing that’s bringing me joy: 


What I’m reallyyyyyy excited to wear and where I’m going to wear it: I'm planning on taking a dip in the Leo ASAP.